The Uniqueness Of Christ

The Uniqueness Of Christ

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Ravi Zacharias/ACD

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CD1: The Uniqueness of Christ in History – In this lecture, Zacharias addresses the teachings and person of Christ against the curtain of history. Quoting historians and such artists as George Frederick Handel and William Cowper, he examines four distinctives of Christs teachings which are unique in the span of history. CD2: The Uniqueness of Christ in World Religions – Is it really possible to talk about Christ being the only way to God without implying at the same time that any idea that contradict Christ then become false? In this lecture, Zacharias examines the philosophical idea of truth, points of tension between Christianity and Eastern religions, and how Christs teachings are distinct from other religions. These messages were part of a forum on the uniqueness of Christ held in several major cities in the Republic of South Africa.

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