In The Pursuit Of Truth

In The Pursuit Of Truth

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Ravi Zacharias/ACD

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In November 2004, Ravi Zacharias gave a three-part lectureship that included talks at two universities in the Salt Lake City area and a historic presentation at the Mormon Tabernacle. The Salt Lake Tribune reported, "For the first time in 105 years, a preacher of another faith was at the pulpit of the Tabernacle on Temple Square on Sunday night, lectureship began with a presentation at University of Utah titled, The Basis For Truth, Defending the Notion of Absolute Truth, and concluded with a lecture at Weber State University on The Loss of Truth: The Crumbling Moral Foundation. Addressing a group of over 7000 at the Mormon Tabernacle, the hour-long message on Who Is Jesus? Defending Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life emphasized sin, salvation through the Cross, and the doctrine of the Trinity, and was received by a standing ovation. We are pleased to now be able to make these three messages available to you.

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