A Christmas Offer: Four for Three!

A Christmas Offer: Four for Three!

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Ravi Zacharias/Paperback

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“Now, grace and truth come to us through Jesus Christ.” John 1:17 NIRV

1)Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality – Why Jesus
Because the New Age movement and other influences have redefined traditional Christianity, many people question whether Jesus is the only way to God. Zacharias explores whether truth is relative, perfection possible, and more--and shows why Jesus resurrection is the most important argument for Christianity''''s exclusive claims.

2)Bringing God near when He feels so far – Cries of the heart
The central problem of this generation, it has been said, ''''is emptiness of the heart.'''' You can be a success, yet wrestle with feelings of futility. In this book Ravi explores the continual, inescapable presence of God.

3)Experiencing God’s Amazing Promise of Childlike Joy – Recapture the wonder
Ravi Zacharias asks, ―How does one take the emotional high points and successfully balance them with the sharp edges of sorrow that are also part of life?. This book leads us to the sweetness of that knowledge, to capture that truth and recapture the wonder as our creator intended.

4)Personal story of discovering the God in the shadows – Walking from East to West
Zacharias invites readers to follow him on this journey through his life and into the lives of others, and to see how he has become more convinced with each year that Jesus Christ is the one who came to give us life to the fullest.

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Ravi Zacharias is the Founder and President of RZIM. He has authored many books and spent the past 45 years commending the Christian faith and addressing life’s great existential questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny with eloquence and grace.

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